Our models are a highlight for zoos! Realistic and fascinating, they offer a unique opportunity to experience the world of dinosaurs. Inspire visitors of all ages and create unforgettable experiences in your zoo!

Started in renting dinosaurs in 2015 but finally decided to buy more than 40 dinosaurs in the years 2015, 2016 and 2017. The outdoor exhibition include a lot of dinosaur models out of the wide model range from DPI/BWD.

The exhibition has become an integral part of our program and is very popular with many visitors. [The exhibition] is an attractive addition to the living animals on display at Givskud Zoo today. All services have been carried out to our full satisfaction. The quality and durability of the DPI/BWD models should be emphasized. The maintenance and repair service carried out by DPI/BWD last year for a very reasonable sum ensures that all the dinosaur models continue to look good even after almost 10 years of outdoor use in all weather conditions. The service life is therefore significantly longer than that of animatronic dinosaur models.

In first step we purchased 30 dinosaur models.

Dinosaurier-Park International GmbH & Co KG / Bernd Wolter Design GmbH

Thanks to their professional work and advice on the planning and realization of the exhibition concept, our Dino Park was so successful, that we increased the number of models in 2017 an then in 2019 as well. In 2023 we also started with ice age model.

More than 50 models

We are verry satisfied with the attractiveness, scientific accuracy an satbility of the models.

We chose Dinosaurier-Park International GmbH & Co KG / Bernd Wolter Design GmbH because their products are high quality, really realistic, life-size, and made according to the most recent scientific knowledge. This is verry important for us, as education is one of the main goals of Zoo Veszprém. Due to the Dino Park, our visitors, especially with children, usually spend plus 1-1.5-hours or even more in the Zoo. Many people come to visit especially for the Dino Park.

We highly recommend the products of Dinosaurier-Park International GmbH & Co KG. / Bernd Wolter Design GmbH. lt is always great to work with such a professional, precise and creative company.