City marketing

Our models are an attraction for city marketing! Authentic and impressive, they attract visitors and enrich events and city festivals with prehistoric flair. Discover our selection and make your city a destination for dinosaur fans!

25 dinosaur models

The following services: Support with planning, advice, delivery, assembly and dismantling, delivery of material for hands-on activities, training of our “rangers”.

All services were carried out by DPI on time and to our complete satisfaction. The dinosaur models supplied met our expectations 100% and contributed significantly to the great success of Dino-City Georgsmarienhütte. The models are extraordinarily detailed and therefore extremely attractive for visitors. The scientific information provided on the models was also very helpful.

The installation of the sometimes very large models in the city center (up to 23 m long) worked smoothly and quickly, and the stability and usability outdoors in different weather conditions can also be certified.

23 full-size models

I would like to emphasize at this point: the creative, foresighted and precise planning, the professional transport. Delivery. Set-up and dismantling of the dinosaur models in our city center streets and on various squares by the trained and experienced staff of the Dinosaur Park in cooperation with our administration team. The reaction of city center visitors to the dinosaurs in the city was extremely positive: they particularly liked the original replicas of the dinosaurs, the explanations (with a scientific background) […] and also the large number of dinosaurs in the city streets and shopping centers.

With the Dinos, we were able to really enhance the image of our city center […] and significantly increase the length of stay of visitors to the city center.