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We are your partner for the planning, equipping and operation of theme parks, museums and temporary exhibitions.

We offer the world’s largest selection of scientifically accurate, life-size prehistoric animal models and skeletons.

We offer a comprehensive service from concept development and concept design to delivery and installation worldwide.

Our experienced operations and installation team ensures smooth installation and commissioning on site.


Our models bring the world of dinosaurs to life!

Designed true to detail and scientifically correct, they are perfect for parks and museums. Their lifelike presentation inspires visitors of all ages and creates unforgettable experiences.

Discover our wide range of models now and turn your dinosaur park into a fascinating prehistoric adventure!


Designed with great attention to detail and scientifically correct, they visualize the latest scientific findings on the various species at a glance and thus convey prehistoric history in an impressive way.

Discover our wide selection and enrich your exhibition with lifelike depictions of prehistoric creatures!

City marketing

Our models are a real attraction for city marketing!

Authentic and impressive, they attract visitors and enrich events and city festivals with prehistoric flair.

Discover our selection and make your city a Dino City destination for families and dinosaur fans of all ages!


Our models are a highlight for zoos!

Realistic and fascinating, they offer a unique opportunity to experience the world of dinosaurs as the ancestors of animals living today and to discover analogies or even living relatives.

Surprise and inspire your visitors with interesting facts, figures and vivid large-scale models from prehistoric times, thus offering a real experience plus and creating an unforgettable (pre)time in your zoo!

Shopping malls

Our dinosaur models are a real crowd puller and an asset to any shopping center!

With their monumental and weighty presence alone, our models attract visitors of all ages and create a unique atmosphere.

Bring our dinosaurs to life in your shopping center and offer your customers a unique, primeval and unforgettable shopping experience!