Discover the fascinating world of prehistoric times!

Dinosaur Park International offers you a unique selection of detailed models and reconstructions of dinosaurs, prehistoric sea creatures, pterosaurs, ice age animals and much more.

Dive into the depths of the past and experience the giants of prehistoric times up close!

Our products

Our models are scientifically correct, lifelike and faithfully reproduced. We use the latest 3D development, scanning and printing processes for an exact reconstruction. The high-quality materials and manufacturing techniques ensure indoor and outdoor suitability.

With over thirty years of experience and our own successful operations, our products are tried and tested. Use in dinosaur museums or theme parks, amusement parks as well as in temporary exhibitions in city centers or shopping centers. In addition to lifelike model and skeleton reconstructions, sculptures of all kinds are also produced.


  • A multitude of reconstructed, worldwide most important dinosaur finds
    from 350 million years of evolutionary history
  • Small and large hunters such as Troodon, Velociraptor and T-Rex
  • Small and giant long-necked dinosaurs such as Europasaurus, Diplodocus or Brachiosaurus
  • On a scale of 1:1, from 1 meter to almost 50 meters in size

Giants of the sea

  • The most spectacular sea creatures of prehistoric times
  • With find reconstructions from all parts of the world
  • All dangerous hunters such as Liopleurodon, Megalodon & Co.
  • Hanging, standing or also suitable for presentation in water


  • The rulers of the skies
  • All the most important evolutionary stages
  • From Archaeopteryx to the giant Quetzalcoatlus
  • Made in different poses, such as sitting, standing or flying

Ice Age and Stone Age

  • The evolutionary history of the dinosaurs’ descendants
  • The smallest and largest mammals and the evolution of humans
  • Ice Age giants such as mammoths and dangerous sabre-toothed tigers
  • With 3D reconstructed teeth, claws and skulls, with faux fur or real hair

Skeletal reconstructions and special products

  • Skeleton and skull reconstructions from experts
  • We also manufacture figures, sculptures, advertising media or workpieces to order
  • Special exhibitions such as mythical creatures, insects, dragons
  • Animal models or art objects in individual or mass production